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Waiting Room (2022)

Dance_Future Space Detection_1.118.1 (1).jpg
Dance_Future Space Detection_1.137_edited.jpg

Above images are taken from a Work-in-progress showings at "Future Space Detection" (2022) - Media Art Festival in Berlin. 




To view the full length Work-in-progress video click the link below:




The performance is sketched as a loud contemplation on darkness, set in a mythical place where sound and movement are vehicles for human emotions. Through movement research in relation to the site, we build a structure for the choreography focusing on portraying emotions through physical movement. Although the piece is grounded in theoretical research, the main aim is not to convey the research but rather to evoke emotions and create an experience: an affective art piece that through emotional engagement is stored differently in the memory and can lead to critical thought later.

More info on the research: Here



Direction & Choreography: Yu Bai

Sound: Miša Skalskis

Visual: Pauline Kess 
Performed by: 
Iris Ekelöf, Marja Matussek, Mayila Khodadin, Yu Bai

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