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Waiting Room (2022)

Format: A series
 of multimedia performance shorts 


Mary the Television, 17 mins,

Suffocation of Womb, 4 mins,

Bodies of Water, 9 mins.

Duration in total: 30 minutes

Waiting Room is an innovative research project that addresses the anxieties of our contemporary life and ecological destruction. The research resulted in three distinct performances, each exploring human reactions to an imagined dystopian future. Rather than critiquing the present, these pieces create a compelling and thought-provoking fictional world where human emotions and reactions are laid bare.

Mary the Television, the first piece, satirizes modern advertising culture and highlights the devastating consequences of resource depletion. Through sound, costumes, light scenography, and choreography, a world is constructed where humans are fixated on newness, perfection, and beauty, while ignoring the devastation around them.

The second piece, The Suffocation of the Womb, delves into the impact of the destruction of the world on human emotions. It is an intimate and powerful portrayal of the real human inside all dancers, exploring the concept of female hysteria and pathologization in a heteronormative and patriarchal society.

Bodies of Water, the final piece, draws inspiration from posthuman feminist theory to explore the interdependence of nature and humans. Water serves as a metaphor to illustrate the flexible and multiple identities reflected by the dancers in performance. The piece ultimately calls for a new social bonding that is inclusive and interconnected, embracing all forms of life in an interdependent and interconnected ecosystem. Waiting Room is a must-see for anyone looking for boundary-pushing art that challenges our perceptions of the world and offers new perspectives on what it means to be human.

More info on the research: Here

Full length video link:


Direction & Choreography: Yu Bai

Sound: Miša Skalskis

Visual: Pauline Kess 
Performed by: 
Iris Ekelöf, Marja Matussek, Mayila Khodadin, Yu Bai

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