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A model of encountering

At its core, Waiting Room is a mode that encourages encounters between people and their environment. By examining the environment in relation to shared movement practices, Waiting Room offers a space for equal encounters between sound, image, movements, humans, and none humans. Through this process, Waiting Room facilitates a durational performative space for conversations between artists and guests. It becomes collective manifestation of thoughts that inspires one another to reimagine a different constellation of the current.

Key notions

Process, Participation, Locality

The project values the process and focuses on participation of the public. A series of location-based artistic activities take place in urban spaces of Berlin, allowing alternative narratives for social, democratic, and environmental renewal.


Along the way, several questions surfaced: how to open up an artistic process to engage conversations among peers from different disciplines; how to engage local communities to become an active participant in art research; and how to situate artistic practice in an ecological way.​

Waiting Room is a research project that delves into the concept of Space and Otherness through exploring topics such as capitalism and ecology. The research aims to create relationships between art and urbanism, performance and democracy.

Research: Waiting Room


​Play --> Documenting --> Performing -->  Designing

The research uses play and subversion as theoretical lens to guide the process. 


The outcome of the research includes a written journal documenting methods and outcomes of the research, as well as a sketch of three mini performances. These performances deal with the theme of Space and Otherness through mixed-media symbolism, exploring somatic movements in relation to technology, situated environment, and human conditions.

These performances are: 

  1. Mary the Television [Sci-fi fantasy],

  2. Suffocation of Womb [Female hysteria],

  3. Bodies of Water [Ecological thinking].


All together, it is an open play constructed by a community of people.

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