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Home (Sebastian Abarbanell)

A captivating presence graces the stage - a human form perched on a wooden pedestal, resembling an altar honoring the corporeal. The dance that follows is a delicate interplay, shifting between meticulous control and explosive rave-like sequences, a testament to Sebastian Abarbanell's expressive body language.

An interesting dimension unfolds with an intangible presence - a recorded breathing chest projected on a vast screen. The stage morphs into an arena where Abarbanell, a sculptor of flesh, extends his exploration from the physical to the virtual realm. Amidst the simplicity of the setting, wooden boxes serve as both pedestals and vessels, accompanied by a metallic-looking dress reminiscent of medieval chainmail, transforming the body into a paradoxical burden.

The solo dance navigates symbolic boxes as the music alternates between meditative tones and pulsating techno raves, creating a cathartic experience within the space called "Home." As Abarbanell's journey unfolds, framing the concept of "home" as both sanctuary and constraint in an evocative, pulsating stage, the emotional connection with the audience wavers, rendering "Home" an enigmatic, polarizing experience that may leave some yearning for a more profound resonance.

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