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Elision (currently in progress)

Contemporary dance performance with live sound and video installation

Duration: 45 minutes

Elision is a multimedia dance performance that explores the experience of living on the margins of a society built on systemic oppression. As marginalized individuals, we often find ourselves disconnected from our physical and emotional needs in order to perform in a cis, hetero, white, classist world. But in Elision, we see the process of merging real feeling, lived emotions, and physical experiences back into the performative body.


Drawing on the linguistic concept of elision, the performance reflects on the symbolic removal of internalized oppression that affects our sense of self. Through this intricate exploration, performers develop the capacity to stay emotionally engaged and reclaim a sense of wholeness and belonging within themselves. This movement of inner reconnection is a powerful metaphor to speak about the interconnection of our ecological system, as showcased in the stunning video installation Mnemosyne that recontextualizes the performance in the contemporary discussion around the loss of our anthropocentric perspective.


Choreographed and directed by Yu Bai, Elision is a 45-minute performance featuring live sound and mesmerizing video installations by the talented Charles Ménard-Wendling. Performed by the captivating duo of Mayila Khodadin and Joy-Luna Schenk-Delgado, this performance provides an open space for minority, queer, people of color and diverse communities. It is also for anyone who appreciates the transformative power of dance and multimedia art.

Premiere and Performances: 26, 27, 28th May, 2023

Location: Hošek Contemporary 


Art Direction: Yu Bai

Production: Yu Bai 

Choreography: Yu Bai, Mayila Khodadin

Performers: Mayila Khodadin, Joy-Luna Schenk-Delgado

Video: Charles Ménard-Wendling

Costume: Yu Bai 

Music: Joy-Luna Schenk-Delgado

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