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​Pulling from their own lived experiences and working with imagery from the O-Platz Refugee Resistance movement, the dancers create an environment that leads the viewer to question their surroundings as well as understand and empathise with the fight. 

Strong feelings of anger, sadness, fear, limitation are welcomed, but the idea of hope and belief in a systemic change are at the heart of the process.

El Otro Lado is an experimental choreographic project by Off-road Collective. This collaborative process explores the relationship between movement and political activism, through the dancers’ experiences navigating a racist, anti-migration and anti-refugee society. 

El Otro Lado


Outdoor performance


Performed by

Femi Adebajo, Munir Arreola, Bresa Ayub, Yu Bai, Eva Cæcilia Gutiérrez Bergqvist, Ina Jia Guo, Mayila Khodadin, Joy-Luna Schenk-Delgado.

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