275 Cubic Meters (Currently in process)


Being an outsider is a blessing, but navigating a world in systemic oppression is exhausting, complex, and heartbreaking. In order to survive, we are sometimes disconnected from our body, emotional needs, or from certain parts of your sweet, sacred self.


275 cubic metres is the total volume of the performance space inhabited by the performer and audiences. It stands for a connection that brings together the emotions, the environment and other human and non human beings. It stands with anyone whose identity has been pushed to the margins. 


We all have social conditioning that keeps us stuck in old patterns. We replicate internalized oppression that affects our sense of self, and our relationships. We often blame ourselves for the ways we struggle, as we cope with intergenerational trauma, late stage capitalism, and being alive in a pivotal time on the planet. 


We use this work as a playful laboratory to explore the big topic. We develop our capacity for staying emotionally engaged. We reclaim a sense of wholeness and belonging with the audience and our environment by a solo dance.

Premier: 26, 27, 28th May, 2023

Location: Hošek Contemporary 


Direction and Choreography: Yu Bai

Dancer: Mayila Khodadin

Violinist: Joy-Luna Schenk-Delgado

Video Artist: Charles Ménard-Wendling