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Mindful Movement


Yoga | Barre | Dance

I offer mindful movement classes at various locations in the city. My teaching style is playful, heart-led, and non-dogmatic, and I conduct classes in English.

With certification in yoga teaching, I have worked with people of diverse body types. My approach is precise and careful, and it stems from a deep understanding of the human body and its movements. I have been familiar with human movement since my early days due to my background in dance. As an adult, I turned to yoga to explore mindfulness and creativity. During my travels to India and Europe, I worked with renowned yogis, which helped me refine my skills and develop my unique teaching method.


My passion for sharing my knowledge with others led me to teach singers, musicians, models, professional athletes, and young dancers in an open, empowering, and non-judgmental environment. My method focuses on individual mentorship, and I take pride in helping others enhance their craft.


Young Dancer Mentor:


In addition to facilitating the physical growth of young dancers, I also offer professional consultation services for career development. This includes guidance in areas such as grant application writing, production, and dramaturgy. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information on these services.

Get in touch: here.

Group Class:


"Friday Blink & Bend" is a regular group class that I offer at B.23 every second Friday at 19:00. 


It is a Yoga-based, 90-minute avant-garde movement class specifically designed for people who are active in the creative field. Together we’ll explore new and experimental ideas and methods to awaken the creative minds and energize the body, so we feel aligned and empowered to tap into a state of flow and create from a place of inspiration.

The class combines guided mindful movements with Yogi breathing techniques, contemporary dance/improvisation tasks all accompanied by electronic music.

Come as you are. Every body is welcome and we’re taking utmost care that you feel safe & comfortable. No prior Yoga or dance experience required. Make sure to bring your Yoga mat, your water bottle and some comfy clothes.

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