Mindful Movement Coaching (Private classes)

Yoga | Barre | Dance


Besides researching movements and performing, I teach mindful movement classes at my home studio and different locations in Berlin. My teaching language is English, and the style is playful, heart-led and none dogmatic.

As a certified yoga, barre and movement teacher. I have worked with diverse bodies. My precise and careful approach comes from a deep understanding of the human body and its movements. With a background in dance, I've been acquainted with human movement from an early age. In adulthood, I went on to pursue mindfulness and creativity through yoga: traveling to work with renowned Yogis in India and Europe. It was here that I honed my craft in mentorship, and was able to turn it into a unique method to help others. In a pursuit to share knowledge, I teach singers, musicians, models, professional athletes, and young dancers in an open, empowering, and none judgemental environment. 

The Process:

1. Get in touch with me by simply sending me an introduction email.

2. We will schedule an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation at the studio.

3. Followed by a personalized coaching plan to kickstart your mindful movement journey.


Movement Style:  

Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga combined with Classical Ballet-inspired barre training personalized to your goals.


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