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SYM-PHONIE MMXX (Sasha Waltz & Guests)

Updated: Nov 23

In the arresting silence, eighteen dancers ascend the stage with an otherworldly grace, their bodies glistening through skin-colored attire, forming a collective mass that moves in perfect harmony. Sasha Waltz's choreography, purposefully weaving organic movements, becomes a vessel for Georg Friedrich Haas's music in SYM-PHONIE MMXX, a symbiotic performance from the very beginning.

The dancers execute each move with meticulous precision, changing costumes multiple times, adding depth and cohesion. Moments of stillness hold as much impact as those filled with motion. Shadows and beams of light, sculpting an ethereal visual landscape. As the ensemble gradually recedes, a descending panel and a lone dancer remains.

This performance is a tour de force! Waltz and Haas present dance and musical chaos, a mirror of reality that's an intellectual, emotional, and physical, potentially challenging comfort zones yet undeniably unforgettable.

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