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Yu Bai (she/her) working as performer, writer, and yoga teacher. Her artistic practice is driven by ecological perspectives and cultural theory, and aims to transform our relationships with the earth and all its inhabitants.

Yu's work often centers around reconfigurations of the body, environment, and technology, informed by her background in culture and new media studies. She explores the concept of Otherness and its impact on our physical experiences, environment, and creative processes. Her site-specific performances prioritize sustainability and empowerment, calling for new forms of social bonding and community building that promote a more livable future.

With a B.A. in language and culture studies from Utrecht University and an M.A. that draws from a range of interdisciplinary fields, including media studies, philosophy, anthropology, art history, and gender studies, Yu's work is a fusion of theory and practice. Join her on a journey that challenges our assumptions and encourages us to reimagine the world we live in.

Yu Bai
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