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3000 Feet (currently in progress)

Format: Art installation featuring somatic movements on analogue film

Trial Video Preview:

3.000 Feet is an exploration of the critical zone, the thin layer of life-bearing conditions around the Earth. Above 3000ft, human organisms soon lose consciousness from oxygen deprivation. 

In collaboration with video artist Charles Ménard-Wendling, this video work intends to film the dancer on an exact length of 3000ft of film roll. The video will be shot in slow-motion so as to tune the organic movement of the dancer to the mechanic movement of the camera engine.

The piece is a material embodiment of the lush yet limited space in which everything we call "humanity" or "civilization" may exist and strive. It recontextualizes intangible notions such as "consciousness" into an earthbound, sensible display.


Video Artist: Charles Ménard-Wendling

Choreographer and Performer: Yu Bai

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